2018 Inground Swimming Pool Design Trends

January 30, 2018

Inground swimming pools are expected to reveal some definite design trends toward creature comforts and pleasing ambiance in 2018. The home swimming pool has become a major gathering place, sports arena, relaxation haven and entertainment centre for many homeowners and households today. Whether you are seeking a new pool design for entertaining business associates, partying with friends and neighbors or enjoying family time together, there is something for you and for all in the latest designs for fashionable and functional inground pools this year.

Popular Design Trends for Inground Swimming Pools in 2018

Some of the major design trends for home inground swimming pools during 2018 include the following features:

  • Interior Pool Lighting. - This year's inground pool lighting features will include multi-coloured lights beneath the water level along pool sides along with pool floor lighting that rotates, creating visual movement that encourages swimming laps, water ballet or competitive swimming exercises. Experts report that visual movement that is attention-getting yet not distracting can motivate swimmers to move about more energetically and for longer periods of time in the water. It also encourages children and other beginning swimmers to practice more frequently by creating a stimulating, but comfortable and attractive pool environment in which to swim, practice diving or play games.
  • Timed Heating or Cooling System. - This addition to your home swimming pool is both convenient and practical. You can pre-set the water temperature according to how long you intend to swim laps, exercise or play games in your pool. This feature makes swimming more attractive and enjoyable during both hot and cooler weather conditions while helping serious swimmers to maintain good body temperatures during strenuous swim practice.
  • Auto-Play Instructional and Practice Videos. - These videos, mounted on walls or supportive stands at poolside are a pleasing and helpful way to follow swimming and exercise instructions while in the water. Watching professional swimmers performing strokes as you learn is an excellent way of excelling in each phase of your swimming instruction and practice sessions. Children also learn to play games together faster with the aid of these attracting and engaging videos.

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