Benefits of Monitoring Your Swimming Pool through Remote Control Technology

May 8, 2017

Swimming pools today contain the latest innovations not only in the construction of them, but also in the way that you monitor their operation, including the chemical balance of the water. No longer will it be frustrating to keep track of all the maintenance details for your pool since your automated system does it all for you. This system works 24/7 for you to ensure that you know the condition of your pool at all times. In the following facts, we provide you a sampling of the benefits that you can receive by monitoring your swimming pool through the latest in remote control technology.

1. Saves Time

Maintaining a pool without automation requires a lot of time on the owner's part. When you install an automated monitoring system to your pool, you save most of this time since the system helps simplify many of the maintenance tasks. The system monitors the functioning of the pump, filtration system, lights and chemical balance of the water along with other features of your specific pool.

2. Provides Precise Readings for Accurate Chemical Balancing

Remote control technology offers precise readings on the chemicals in the water. You will be able to balance them to the correct level without any guess work. As a result, the water will be safe and sanitary to swim in without it being harsh on the eyes or skin.

3. Offers Mobile Control through Smartphones and Other Electronic Devices

If you forget to turn the pump on before you leave, you can do so with the remote control access that your automated system provides you. Just access the controls from your smartphone, computer or tablet when you are shopping, at work or even on vacation. In addition, you can adjust the heat settings to ensure the water is just the right temperature for a swim when you arrive home. You also can adjust the filtration system if necessary through your devices.

4. Easy-to-Use Controls

The controls on this technology are easy to use and understand. They are made for everyone to comprehend from the homeowners to the pool technicians.

5. Pool Owners Save Money

You can save money installing this type of technology since it will help you locate minor problems in your pool before they turn into major, expensive ones. The technicians can repair the issues without replacing parts in most cases when you detect the problems in their early stages. With the savings, you can decorate the pool area to further enhance your enjoyment.

For further details about the advantages of monitoring your swimming pool through remote control technology, contact our company, Mr Pools. We specialise in all aspects of pool construction and maintenance.

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