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Can Above Ground Swimming Pools be Heated?

November 15, 2017

Most concrete swimming pools are usually dug out and set into the ground. However, this standard architectural trope has now drastically changed, and includes surprising and unexpected innovations such as the above-ground concrete style swimming pool.

An above-ground swimming pool is essentially any enclosed area of whatever specified depth and diameter that isn’t set underground. It’s essentially sort of like a gigantic bathtub or Jacuzzi. People are now interested in above-ground swimming pools because of their cheaper price, since inground pools can cost much more than they can afford.

Unlike traditionally inground concrete pools however, above-ground ones have the added advantage of being capable of modification without the need for a total structural overhaul. One of the most common modifications employed on above-ground pools is heating – a feature that people often forgo when installing a new inground pools.

Above-ground pool heating is often accomplished with the help of heating systems that are very similar to built-in thermal conductors, and thermostatic systems that can be found in standard Jacuzzis. Although the average above-ground pool is far larger than a Jacuzzi, the heating system is likewise more sizeable and is better equipped to heat larger amounts of water.

Currently, there are two standard type of above-ground pool heaters:

Gas-powered heaters – these are the more efficient of the two standard choices, providing superior heating capacity, maximum safety, and excellent heating output. A gas-powered heater does consume more energy than standard heat-pumps, but it makes up for the gas guzzling in its efficiency.

Because of its superior output, gas heaters are able to heat up a large area quickly and without difficulty. Since they are designed for heavy-duty use, the have superior insulation to prevent accidental electrical shorts, are waterproof, and the unit is cool to the touch, even if turned on. These are long-lasting, low-maintenance, and run on both natural gas and propane.

  • Standard heat pumps – heat pumps are the budget-and-energy friendly alternative to the big guns, gas-powered heaters. With these, it will take longer for an above-ground pool to heat up, and, these are only effective for heating smaller pools. If you need a handy heater on hand, but you’re on a budget, then heat pumps are the affordable solution.

If you are interested in heating your above ground pool, and you would like some professional advice, then Mr Pools can help you because we specialise in concrete above ground pools, and inground pools.

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