Concrete Pool Repair: Does Your Swimming Pool Need It?

December 4, 2015

Concrete pools have always been one of the most popular varieties of swimming pools, since it first became popular sometime in the early 20’s, and concrete still remains the material of choice for creating large, spacious and luxury or sports-oriented pools today.

Today, concrete pools have never been as popular with resorts, hotels, public pools, and even home swimming pools. One of the reasons for its ongoing popularity is because concrete is easy to shape, and can be spread out across a large area. Concrete can also be grouted and tiled for a more ‘finished’ look, or left on its own for a more rusticated feel.

It is tough, water-resistant, and low-maintenance. All of these together make it the most ideal material for making swimming pools. But even the toughest of concrete pools invariably require a little repair and maintenance, every now and then.

If you’re a pool owner, whether of a home pool, a school-based sports pool, or public pool for hotels and other places of leisure, then you’ll want to know if you need concrete pool repair.

Professional pool repair and maintenance services can quickly ascertain the overall condition of your pool, and if it needs repairing, they’ll know it. Here’s a quick guide to knowing when to have your pool fixed, if it really needs the fix.

How to Tell if Your Pool Needs Repairing

Concrete pool repair can be very pricey, especially if you’ve got a moderately-sized or over-sized pool. But you needn’t have to invest a large amount of cash to have the whole thing repaired, especially it is regularly maintained. However, repairs are needed from time, to time, but a quick fix may be all you need.

If you happen to notice the following:

A mysterious reduction in water-levels – if your pool’s water level somehow drops; even in the non-summer months, it may have a leak somewhere that needs fixing. Leaks are a definite no-no that you must not ignore. If you find a sizeable crack in your pool’s flooring or on its sides, then call concrete pool repair experts immediately, so they can assess how deep the cracks go, and if it can be remedied by means other than a complete revamp of your pool.

It a fact, detecting cracks early on can save you a lot of money and time; especially if they’re remedied before they get any bigger, and damage the pool further.

Loose tiles and chipped grout – generally considered a minor problem, loose tiles and chipped grout can hide deeper underlying troubles that, if ignored, could potentially result in further damage.

Find these in your pool? Call the experts ASAP. If you want to save up money, repairing the minor problems in your pool instead of waiting to do it later, just makes sense.

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