Determining the Right Temperature for Hydrotherapy Swimming Pools

Jan 12, 2017

Having your own personal swimming pool at home comes with many benefits. One of the main benefits is that you can relax or exercise whenever you want, without needing to drive anywhere, or having to wait to use a busy public pool. Basically, compared to a public swimming pool, a home pool is more hygienic and convenient to use, this is especially important for people who rely on hydrotherapy treatment.

If your primary purpose for having a pool is hydrotherapy, then you are aware of the importance water temperature plays during therapy, it’s critical. The best temperature is usually between 33–36ºC, much warmer than the water in a standard swimming pool, which is why people wait until the end of the day to use the pool therapy, when the water is warmer. For an indoor pool and Jacuzzi, maintaining an ideal temperature for Hydrotherapy treatment is much easier.

Swimming Pools for Hydrotherapy and Getting the Water Temperature Right

In recent years, the therapeutic benefits of spending time in water for rehabilitating various physical conditions has now become common knowledge. Ailments such as arthritis, sports related injuries, back and shoulder pain are treated effectively with hydrotherapy to relieve pain and to naturally stimulate healing.

Indoor public pools for recreational purposes maintain water temperature between 28-30 degrees Celsius, as warmer water aids in flourishing bacteria and other microorganisms because it gets difficult to keep pools clean and hygienic for temperatures above that. Additionally, chlorine is also less likely to be effective at temperatures over 30 degrees.

However, most hydrotherapy treatments are recommended at 35 degree Celsius because water at this temperature relieves soreness in muscle tissues and more effectively alleviates pain.

A physiotherapist can offer better assistance with water temperature depending on the needed treatment. Also, swimming pool professionals with experience in hydrotherapy pools can design them in a way that best regulates water temperature.

If you are looking for efficient pool heating solutions for hydrotherapy, Mr. Pools can help, we offer a few cost efficient options, such as solar heating for pools that maintain the needed water temperature for treatment, in all types of weather.

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