Do Not Disregard Broken and Cracked Pool Tiles

October 25, 2017

You spend a lot of money to own a pool, and it is important to maintain its tiles in the appropriate manner to protect your investment. For this reason and other ones, you should not disregard the presence of cracked or broken pool tiles. Tiles in a less than desirable condition can cause additional damage to your pool or may injure swimmers in the process. We examine these issues further in the following details.

Water Can Seep under Cracked or Broken Tiles to Damage the Foundation of the Pool

When cracks and breaks develop in your pool tiles, it is easy for water to seep under them. The water can cause the foundation of the pool to weaken in severe cases. This can cause major issues, including mechanical parts.

Other Tiles May Loosen

Another problem with seeping water is that it may loosen some or all of the other tiles if you disregard this issue. You could wind up with tiles floating in the pool, and this is definitely not desirable. Of course, this also can further damage the foundation of the pool in the same manner that we mentioned earlier.

The Jagged Edges of Broken or Cracked Tiles Can Injure the Swimmers’ Feet

Cracked and broken tiles can be dangerous for those who enter the pool since they can cut their feet or other body parts on them. Injuries may lead to lawsuits if you have guests over on a regular basis, especially when they are children. The fines or rewards may be steep since homeowner’s insurance will not always cover them when issues occur due to your negligence.

Repair Bills Increase When You Ignore Damaged Pool Tiles

While replacing a few tiles is an easy, economical repair in your pool, when you ignore damaged tiles the repair bill can escalate quickly to an amount that is difficult to afford. The reason for this is that you may need to repair the foundation and possibly mechanical parts of the pool’s operating system in severe cases along with replacing numerous tiles and their grout. You may feel as if you are building an entirely new pool.

For additional reasons why you should never disregard broken or cracked pool tiles, consult with MR Pools. Our specialty is not only pool construction, but also pool design, lighting, heating and renovation. We strive to provide you with a backyard oasis rather than just a plain swimming pool with no frills. MR Pools offers above-ground, in-ground and difficult access pools for the purpose of fun or health and fitness depending upon what is ideal for your location.

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