Most Popular In-Ground Swimming Pool Shapes and Designs

July 19, 2017

Once you decide that your yard will support the installation of an in-ground swimming pool, you will need to select the ideal shape and design for it. When you start to look into what is available to choose from, though, you quickly learn that there a many possibilities available today. We provide a list of the most popular shapes and designs for in-ground pools in the following information.

  1. Rectangular pools provide a spacious area for lap swimming and water sports. It has been a popular shape for years for this reason. In addition, you can install this shape of pool in any size of yard just by altering its dimensions. Some veer away from this shape since it leans towards the formal style.
  2. Grecian or Roman shapes and designs of pools are more formal versions of the rectangular-shaped ones. Each end has a unique shape reminiscent of ancient times in Greece or Rome. Turn to either one when you have a formal house since each will complement this style in the ideal fashion.
  3. Oval pools provide the same benefits as the rectangular ones but have gentle curves in place of the sharp corners. They also look less formal than the Grecian or Roman Pools.
  4. Round is the perfect shape for a pool in a square backyard. Also, if you just want a pool to cool off in rather than exercise in, you may consider this shape.
  5. Octagonal-shaped pools contain eight equal sides and provide a bit more elegance than a round-shaped pool.
  6. L-Shaped pools have the shape of the letter L with a well-defined, 90-degree angle in the corner. Also, a relaxed version of this shape is available that is known as a Lazy L since the corner angle is not a sharp, 90-degree one.
  7. The kidney similar to the oval but has an indentation on one side. It does look similar to the shape of a human kidney and thus, the name. This shape provides a natural feel and appearance to a swimming pool.
  8. Figure-eight shaped swimming pools are another take on the oval but have an indentation on both of the sides.
  9. Freeform pools can be any shape that you can dream up for your yard. Of all of the shapes, this selection is the most artistic and creative.

If you still do not know which one of these in-ground swimming pool shapes and designs are ideal for your yard or you need to hire our services, contact Mr Pools. We are specialists in concrete pool building here in the Sydney area of Australia.

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