Pool Preparation Tips for the Winter Season

April 20, 2017

Especially if you live in a locale that has a cold and snowy or blustery winter season and you have an outdoor home pool, you need to prepare your pool to endure the change in weather. Of course, most people have pool covers to protect the floor and wall surfaces of their swimming pools. Particularly if you have an outdoor pool with glass or ceramic tiling, you will want to be sure to protect your entire pool areas from the extremes of cold temperatures and weather conditions during the winter months. In addition, you should have your pool's heating, ventilation and water circulation systems checked by your pool maintenance company periodically throughout the winter just to ensure that all systems will be up and running for next spring and summer.

Tips of Good Swimming Pool Maintenance During the Winter Season

Some helpful tips for successful maintenance of your outdoor swimming pool throughout the winter months include the following suggestions:

  • Maintain Helpful Pool Surface Temperatures. - Some outdoor pool maintenance experts may suggest keeping your outdoor pool's surface slightly heated during cold weather to avoid surface creasing or cracking during the cold temperatures or sleet and snow storms. This will also help keep the surface areas of your pool from contracting, causing tiles or decorating ceramic inlay work to separate from surfaces.
  • Check Pool Cover Security to Prevent Surface Debris Collection. - It is advisable to check the security of your pool's winter cover frequently to ensure that it is not cracked, broken or damaged. This will keep debris from collecting on your pool's surface areas and prevent staining of beautiful tiling and inlay work or painted surfaces. This will also prevent any small animals from falling into your empty pool and perishing, unnoticed.
  • Remove Snow and Ice From Your Pool Cover During Winter. - Always remove any accumulation of snow and ice from your pool cover during winter weather. If too much snow or ice collects, the cover may collapse onto your pool's surface below, causing permanent damage to attractive tiling of surface areas.
  • By contacting the pool maintenance experts of Mr. Pools either by phone or via the company website, you can obtain the best possible advice for successful and safe maintenance of your outdoor swimming pool in Australia throughout the winter season. Call or message this quality team of professionals today and be assured of receiving answers to all your pool protection questions. All team members are eager to help you to learn the techniques required for good protection of your pool during periods of cold or freezing temperatures.

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