Proper Pool Heating for the Winter Season

April 28, 2017

As the winter season approaches, many people close their pools until the weather warms up in the spring. You can extend the use of your pool, though, with the installation of proper pool heating. At times, swimming may be possible all through the winter by performing this action. Different methods of pool heating are available today for your consideration. You can read about them in the following facts, and how to choose the one that is ideal for your preferences and lifestyle.

Various Methods for Pool Heating

  • Traditional Electric Heating - In this type of pool heating, the heater works via an electric element. Units such as these are compact, easy to install and inexpensive to purchase. The problem is that they are pricier to run since they are not as energy efficient as the other methods here.
  • Electric Heat Pumps - With this option, you still utilise your property's electricity to power the heat pump, but with the additional feature of it processing the heat out of the air it takes in to assist it in its efforts with heating. Ideal for maintaining a steady water temperature over long periods of time, even throughout the cold winter months. This option is a cost-effective method of pool heating in comparison to traditional electric heating.
  • Gas Heaters - Pool heaters that operate on natural gas will heat the water quickly at the rate of 14-degrees C in just 24 hours. You can turn the heater on one day and be ready for a comfortable swim at an ideal temperature of 30-degrees C by the next day even in the chilly weather of winter. If you do a lot of entertaining with your pool, you may consider this type of heating. Also, the cost of operating this type of system is modest, you can combine it with the next method to decrease its running cost.
  • Solar Heating - Today, more pool owners than ever before are turning to this method of heating to warm their pool water up to a comfortable level. After the initial installation of the solar heating system, there is no cost for heating your pool since it works by capturing the sun's energy and converts it into usable power to heat your pool water. You require an ideal location for this system to receive optimal performance so you will need to ensure this fact before making a final decision for this heating method.

To learn further information about the pool heating methods for the winter season, consult with Mr Pools. We specialise in solar heating, but will guide you in another direction if your site merits it.

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