Start Your New Year with a Brand New Inground Swimming Pool Construction

Dec 8, 2016

When the holiday season comes to an end and festivities have faded, the New Year is on the horizon. It is the time of year that everyone starts making resolutions. One of the most common resolutions are the need to lose weight and renovating the house, Why not combine the two together and start your New Year right? A brand new inground swimming pool construction is the ideal solution for a brand new day.

Design Your Pool

Basically, there are three types of inground pools; vinyl-lined, fiberglass and concrete. The most popular is concrete and the least is fiberglass. Other non-common options include aluminum and steel walled pools.

Concrete pools are generally custom built. They are the most popular because they can be formed to practically any shape or shape desired. These type of custom pools are frequently called Shotcrete or Gunite. When the concrete is finished curing you can have it painted, smoothed, tiled, plastered or finished with a textured surface.

There are also a few concrete pools that are formed and poured much like a foundation of a home is done. The technique (structural concrete) is typically used for pools that are constructed into hillsides.

Concrete pools generally take the longest to install. The installation time is anywhere between three to twelve weeks. Concrete pools are also regarded as the most durable and strongest.

In actual fact, countless concrete pools being used today are at least 50 years old. Moreover, concrete pools can also be remodeled and updated, unlike other types of pools.

Fiberglass pools are molded by a factory into a large bowl shaped structure. The piece is set into a quarried hole with the use of a crane. This type of pool is installed much faster than other types. The install can be as short as three days.

The extra smooth finish of a fiberglass pool makes it stain resistant and very durable. And unlike concrete, it is not porous. Because of their smoothness, fewer chemicals are used and there are not as many issues with algae.

One of the drawbacks of fiberglass pools is that the shapes and sizes are limited. As well, the pool can take a while to be delivered because it is shipped by means of a truck. This is because the load is oversized.

Vinyl pools are constructed from a pre-shaped bendable liner that fits inside the hole. It is connected to a reinforced wall frame which is constructed of non-corrosive polymer, steel or aluminum. The majority of vinyl pools are rectangular in shape. However, freeform liners and L-shaped are also good options. As well, vinyl liners come in a variety of colors and patterns that fits the needs of most any back yard design.

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