Swimming Pool in a Small Yard: Mr. Pools Can Do It for You

Dec 1, 2016

Just because you have a small yard does not mean you cannot have a pool. In fact, today's designers are downsizing to smaller pools for cost-effective reasons and for more Eco friendly options. In effect, pool designs are catered more to smaller versions rather than the old fashioned pool that takes up half the yard.

Contemporary and Refreshing

For the most part, today's homes have straight and clean lines with interior cubic structures. They are designed with a simplistic look and manner. And when it comes to installing a pool, it is best to keep with the same simplistic design format. For example, instead of the pool being a separate structure it should be an attractive extension of your home. And like your home, the classic rectangular design is generally the best option. As well, an in-ground pool adds another dimension and level for aesthetic appeal.

And when it comes to selecting the ideal pool, it is always best to contact a specialist who is highly experienced in the pool business. In actual fact, a renowned company like Mr Pools will have the expertise in both designing and installation. Forthrightly, Mr Pools was established by Con Zarafetas in 1993 and is part of the Conrina Group, a renowned Australian company throughout the area. As well, Mr Pools is known for top quality and strict compliance to all Australian codes and standards.

Some Curves for Innovative Style

Not all pools need to be rectangular in shape. For the most part, pools can be adapted to most any contour desired. In fact, there are numerous options when it comes to the shape of your pool. For instance, pools can be circular, semi-circular and asymmetrical or have popular cool curves.

Your exotic pool can easily be designed by professionals at Mr Pools. What is more, the highly experienced team has also expanded their pool operations. The renowned company has created a specialised separate team that is focused on pool construction. As a result, you have experts in both pool design and construction with an all-embracing background in the pool industry.


The perfectly designed pool always takes depth into consideration, especially with a small pool. This is because a plunge pool requires very little space and square footage. Instead of relying on width and length, depth is the main feature. An experienced pool designer such as Mr Pools is able to create several possible ways to add a plunge pool with compromising your deck or patio. That way you have more than one option to choose from.

Contact Details

Based in Homebush, we service the Sydney metro area and major regional areas. Contact us now to talk about your pool needs.

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