Swimming Pool Renovation Ideas for Kiddie Pools

September 15, 2017

When renovating your swimming pool, do not forget to include your kiddie pool if you have one. By doing so, you will increase the fun of your children’s swimming experience. Today, there are numerous ideas that create a play zone for the kids that will keep them entertained for hours and hours. Renovation ideas for these pools range from simple bubblers to slides. We offer a bit of in-depth details on these ideas in the following facts.


Children will delight when the bubblers create spouts of water or a low bubbling effect depending upon the model that you select. You can add this update without a lot of additional expense, which makes it something to consider for your kiddie pool.

Stairs and the Safety Rail

Always update the stairs and the safety rail to ensure that the kids can enter and exit the pool in a safe fashion. Over time, both of these elements can deteriorate to the point where they require replacement. If your present kiddie pool does not have a safety railing or stairs, you need to add the one it lacks.

Allow the Children to Personalise the Deck Area

Another effective renovation idea for the pool for your kiddies is to have them make their handprints and footprints on the concrete deck around their pool with suitable paint or they may paint their own designs on it. They will take pride in their work when their friends or other family members come over to use the pool.

Install Bright-Coloured Tiles in the Kiddie Pool

Create a kid-appealing pool interior for the kiddies with brightly coloured tiles. You can lay the tiles in an intricate pattern or just install a few colours randomly.

A Slide for the Kids to Enter the Pool with a Splash

You also may consider installing a slide at the side of the pool for the children to enter the pool with a splash with for extra fun. Choose the height of the slide that is suitable for your children’s ages and assist on entry if the children are too young to do it on their own. The children will gleefully hit the water with a big splash each time they come down the slide. In addition, the slide can be part of a swing set/fort combination if desirable.

For additional swimming pool renovation ideas for kiddie pools, consult with MR Pools. We are experts in all types, sizes and designs of pools. Our company also offers pool lighting, heating, fencing and landscaping. MR Pools delivers quality renovations and new constructions of pools to suit our clients’ needs and desires.

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