The Benefits of Swimming Pools for Exercise, Rehabilitation, and Aquatic Therapy

Feb 22, 2017

The versatile sport of swimming is an enjoyable and healthy fitness activity for all seasons, and it can be practised daily in both indoor and outdoor pools. Aside from providing an enticing opportunity for relaxation and socializing, home pools are quite beneficial as convenient arenas for swimming laps or performing water ballet, for aquatic therapy or for practicing rehabilitation exercises. Once your pool is installed, you have the perfect setting for all of these healthful activities 7/24/365.

Specific Swimming Pool Benefits for Homeowners and Their Households

Valuable benefits of having a spacious and appealing swimming pool on your home property or inside your house include the following:

  • Exercise. - Your home swimming pool is the ideal place for regular, healthy exercise. Located right within the walls of your home or nearby on your surrounding property, your well-designed pool provides a setting for many hours of healthy, invigorating exercise—swimming laps, performing water ballet routines, practicing speed swimming and swimming underwater. These vitalizing activities will build and tone your muscles, slim your body and improve both your cardiovascular and circulatory action.
  • Rehabilitation. - Following illness, hospitalization, surgery or injury, your rehab progress will be greatly improved by regular swims in your pool. Injured or weakened muscles, joints and bones will be strengthened and empowered. Your motor activity and coordination will also be enhanced, as will your sense of balance and ability to redirect your moves quickly and agilely. Any pain you have been enduring since your accident or surgery will be alleviated, and your energy levels will be replenished for daily use.
  • Aquatic Therapy. - Your private home pool is the ideal setting for reaping the many benefits of aquatic therapy, such as:
    • Relaxed muscles and smoother blood circulation;
    • Gentle body strength training while moving against the water as natural resistance;
    • Heightened awareness throughout your body and greater trunk stability;
    • Reduced body pain while immersed in soothing warm water's buoyancy; and
    • Daily gait therapy in a water environment with reduced gravitational forces.

Additional Benefits

In addition to the benefits of home pools as listed above, with a lovely, enticing home pool design included in your home setting, both your body and brain will be well-hydrated throughout the year. You can avoid the inconvenience of taking regular doses of hydrating health supplements to correct dehydration from an overly dry exercise environment.

Before designing or installing your next home pool, be sure to contact the experts at Mr. Pools in Sydney for the ultimate advice and guidance toward careful creation of a highly functional, inviting and health-promoting home swimming pool.

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