The Importance of Safety Approved Standards in Swimming Pool Building

May 29, 2017

While a swimming pool on your property is an effective way to cool off in the summer and provide entertainment for your children, it can be hazardous to kids and others when you ignore the safety approved standards in swimming pool building. The authorities of New South Wales dictate certain placement and construction specifications for pools, but the main safety standards involve fencing requirements since the lack of a pool barrier is a major contributing factor of young children drowning each year.

Requirements for Pool Fencing

  • A standalone pool fence needs to be a minimum of 1200-mm high around the entire outside of the swimming pool.
  • When the pool fence is part of the boundary fence it needs to be a minimum of 1800-mm high from the base of the pool area.
  • Space between the bottom, horizontal railing, if applicable, and the ground should be no larger than 100 mm.
  • The distance between vertical rails needs to be below 100 mm.
  • There should be a non-climbable area around the outside of the fence to ensure that children cannot enter into the pool area by going over it.
  • When mesh is your fence of choice, the holes need to be no larger than 13 mm.

Gate Regulations

  • The gate of the pool fence needs to follow the same construction of the fence and should be self-closing and self-latching, and the latch must hold securely at all times.
  • Gate needs to open away from the pool, not towards it.
  • You must never prop the gate open.

Failure to Install a Proper Pool Fence Will Lead to Issues and Possible Lawsuits

When you fail to adhere to the safety approved standards in swimming pool building, you can face possible lawsuits if kids or others enter your pool without your permission and drown or become injured. Your insurance company may refuse to pay claims from victims of your neglect or refuse to grant you insurance coverage to begin with when your pool is minus a safety fence. In addition, you will not be able to receive the certificate of compliance that is necessary before you can sell your property.

For further details on the importance of safety approved standards in swimming pool building, contact Mr Pools. We will advise you of all necessary elements that you will require to bring your pool and area into compliance with local regulations. Our specialty is pools, including pool design, renovation, construction, lighting and heating services. Mr Pools delivers high-quality results to all our clients.

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