Transforming Backyards into an Oasis with Awesome Swimming Pool Concepts from Mr. Pools

February 14, 2018

It's time to stop putting off what you've been wanting to do for years: create your own backyard pool oasis. Here at Mr. Pools, we have made it our focus to help bring customised, specialised, and entertaining pool designs to customers all across the country while maintaining our typically lofty standards. All of our specialised designs meet regulatory standards and they'll no doubt improve your own backyard as a result. Family owned and operated, we want to help you seize the day in 2018 by leading you toward finding the design for your ultimate backyard, poolside oasis.

Transforming Your Backyard with a Swimming Pool

We don't need to tell you that having a swimming pool in your backyard can offer up a variety of different benefits. From increasing your home value to having a physically healthy way to entertain the kids, a backyard pool oasis can be exactly what you need to push your home-life over the top. As it turns out, there are many different ways to hone in on the exact poolside oasis for you. Let's look through a few different ways you can add a unique flavor to your own backyard pool.

1. Lean on the availability of technology.

At Mr. Pools, our family owned and operated business has been helping customers use technology to embrace and enhance their backyard transformations. Our pool designs offer some incredible and eye-popping technological twists. From our specialised LED pool lighting to specialised computer systems that you can use to control and monitor your pool from your smartphone, we can help you set it all up. Sitting down and figuring out how you want your poolside oasis to look and feel is easy when you have this technology on your side.

2. Renovate your old pool.

If your house already has an old rust-bucket of a pool, you don't have to start over completely. Instead, we can bring in our certified techs to come in and help you through the renovation process. From installing new tiling and edging to completely re-shaping the pool itself, we can help you along the way.

3. Embrace the comfort of a timed season.

Have you ever wanted to take a dip only to realise that it is way too cold? Don't let the temperature get in the way of a night in the pool. Set your swimming pool up with a timed heating or cooling system so as to always have the pool ready when you are.

Designing and installing the perfect swimming pool to complement your backyard oasis doesn't have to be a chore. Call Mr. Pools today in order to schedule a consultation.

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