What are the Coolest Swimming Pool Tiling Options for 2018?

March 30, 2018

Is there anything more satisfying than wandering into your backyard after a long, hot day and jumping into your own personal swimming pool? At Mr. Pools, we have specialised in helping our customers create the backyard pool oasis of their dreams. Not only do we focus on helping our customers plan out and construct a great swimming pool, we also help to walk them through the process of actually designing it. When it comes to designing your swimming pool oasis, you definitely need to focus on the kind of swimming pool tiles that you consider. Swimming pool tiling is an underrated but integral aspect of designing an aesthetically pleasing and pleasurable swimming experience. Let's look at a few potentially popular options for swimming pools in 2018!

The Coolest Swimming Pool Tiles of 2018

We could spend all day talking about different colours and designs for your swimming pool tiling options but instead, we are going to talk about a few more distinctive aspects of your selection options. When it comes to swimming pool tiling, there are a variety of different categories that you need to pay special attention to. Let's break down each of these categories so that you can paint a broader picture with information in your head.

Inlaid Tile vs. Waterline Tile

The first discussion that you are going to need to have is where you are going to be installing your tiles. Inlaid tile typically means that your tiling is going to be underwater. You'll often see inlaid tile installed directly into the mold of the pool, flush with the actual surface of the water. Waterline tile is typically crafted to the side of the pool and up to six inches above the water. Waterline tile is easier to repair but inlaid tiling is much prettier when the sunlight hits the water!

Glass vs. Mosaic vs. Stone

Okay, so you know about inlaid/waterline tiling and now you have to decide which material you use! While all three of these tiling choices are going to be popular in 2018, we think that a few stand above all. We particularly like stone tiling because it creates an authentic, natural and outdoorsy look which is just perfect for a pool oasis. Mosaic is great for a more eclectic backyard and glass is always a sleek look. Ultimately your choice here comes down to personal preference.

When shopping for tiling options you have to keep in mind that your yard is unique to you. Find something that matches your pool and matches your backyard and you'll end up happier than ever.

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