What's The Latest Design for Inground Swimming Pool Tiles?

August 30, 2017

A popular trend for inground swimming pool tile designs is to include the tile materials, colors and surface texture as an important part of your landscape designer's vision for your pool, surrounding deck and adjoining lawn and garden areas. Even if you are considering adding new decorative tiling to the sides of your pool or shopping for replacement tiles with new color and spark to brighten up your youngsters' wading pool and play deck, coordinating your new tiling with your entire outdoor entertainment area decor is in vogue today. Especially since outdoor leisure and party rooms are currently in style for outdoor living, it makes sense to give both structural and decorative design of your home's exterior living spaces the same amounts of attention and focus. As a major leisure, exercise and entertainment feature of your home, your inground pool deserves this degree of attention.

Updated Designs for Inground Swimming Pool Tiles

Recent updates for inground swimming pool tile designs include the following tiling varieties and styles:

  • Mosaic Tiling. - Colourful mosaic tiles of stone or ceramics will lend a light, playful sparkle to your poolside living spaces as well as your pool's floor and walls. When placed at the waterline and above, these decorative gem-like decor additions reflect the sun's bright rays back into the water, for a multi-hued, kaleidoscope effect on the pool's gently rippling water surface. Due to their small size and the fact that each tile is secured by surrounding concrete and sealant, mosaic tiling insets are actually more durable than some larger, heavier types of outdoor tiles.
  • Porcelain Tiles. - Due to its clean, smooth look and long-lasting attractiveness, porcelain is an excellent choice for poolside decor and interior pool tiling. Porcelain is also slip-resistance for swimmers and loungers, even when entire areas of tiles are wet. In addition, pool area tiling and deck tiles retain their coolish temperatures, even under hot sun rays on steamy summer days. Porcelain tiles are often sold in grades of white, gray and earth tones, which makes them available to blending easily with other decor colours.
  • Glass Tiling. - Luxurious pool designs today are including shimmering shades of glass tiling in their decor, and some exterior home living space designers are now using brilliant hues or neutral tones in sleek glass tiling as the liner for pool interiors. Since the most attractive glass tiles are often small, a series of these tiles frequently used to create a design motif on pool sides and stretching across the bottom of the pool. The grade of glass now used to manufacture these pool tiles is quite strong and durable, unlike some of the earlier glass tiles that could add only decoration rather than stability to swimming pool interiors.

When you consult Sydney's ultimate pool design and building specialists, Mr. Pools, you and your home's entire outdoor leisure area will benefit from expert professional advice, design and construction for your inground swimming pool design or refurbishing project. This outstanding company of pool creation and renovation experts assures all customers that when using the best materials, a pool of truly remarkable beauty can be built anywhere today.

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