Why Your Pool Lighting Should Only Be Done by Experts

October 9, 2017

Are you considering having more pool lighting installed? If you are, it’s a good idea because extra lighting can not only add more appeal to your pool, but it also makes your pool safer to use at night. If it is done correctly, by experts. Unfortunately, next to drowning, pool electrocution is a major safety concern because any time electricity and water meet there are risks. That is exactly why your pool lighting should only be done by experts.

While pool electrocution is rare, it does happen, and it can change a family forever. While it may not seem like a ‘big’ deal to install pool lighting, it can be tempting to save a little money to have a handyman or just any electrician install your pool lights, but the safety risk just isn’t worth it.

Pool Experts Guarantee Lighting Safety

The main cause of pool electrocution is either an improperly grounded pool light or pool pump, or a faulty light. Pool experts have experience in the installation of electrical components such as lighting and pumps in pools, and they are specially trained about the seriousness and safety guidelines of how to install these specifically in swimming pools, to ensure maximum safety.

Pool experts like Mr Pools recommend to use only low-voltage pool lights to be immersed in water, such as LED pool lights, rather than 120-volt incandescent lights, as an extra safety measure to reduce the risk of pool electrocution.

Benefits of Using LED Pool Lights

LED lights are now the preferred choice for use in and around swimming pools because they offer more benefits than incandescent bulbs. The main benefit of using LED pool lights is that they are a low-voltage lighting solution that reduces the risk of pool electrocution, and, they last nearly 50 times longer (approximately 50,000 hours) than incandescent bulbs. LEDs are are shatterproof, very durable, and difficult to break, and because they and do not use filaments they are much safer to use.

While LED lights may cost more than incandescent bulbs, they use much less electricity and will save you money by using them. In fact, LEDs consume up to 80 percent less electricity than incandescent bulbs, allowing you to leave your pool lights on longer, while still saving a huge amount of money off your electric bill each month.

If you want to install more pool lighting, or upgrade your incandescent bulbs to LED pool lights, contact the experts at Mr Pools. They can make sure that your lights and are installed properly.

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