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The Spa of Your Dreams

A custom built spa from Mr Pools makes for the perfect spot for summer fun, whether that’s hosting your friends, keeping the kids entertained or simply relaxing after a long day’s work.

Our spas make a wonderful compliment to your new pool, and can be built in a range of shapes and sizes, limited only by your imagination.

They’re cheaper than you might expect so ask about one now.

For New or Existing Pools

You don’t have to build a new pool to enjoy the fun and relaxation of a custom spa.

At Mr Pools, we can custom design a new spa, jacuzzi or hot tub as a welcome addition to your existing pool.

Our team are experience working with existing pools of all shapes and sizes, so enquire now to find out what’s possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Adaptable to Your Space

Portable tubs typically come in pre-built designs, so you’re pretty much stuck with the sizes and shapes you see on the market.

Maybe you prefer a bigger tub that’s suitable for outdoor parties? Or perhaps you’d like the one that complements your pool’s geometry? We can tailor-fit your spa the exact way you want it.

Better Accessibility

With steps dropping from the ground level, custom spas are much easier to access. This feature might be a necessity if a member of your household has 

mobility issues.

An Unobstructed View

Similar to in-ground pools, built-in spas feature a lower profile that blends much more smoothly with its surroundings. It doesn’t obstruct or clutter up your view and may even improve it with the right design.

Design Freedom 

With a custom spa, you can tailor every element to suit your needs and fit your home’s aesthetic. You also have the option of handpicking your desired features, such as:

    • Water fixtures
    • Lights
    • Seat placement
    • Jet strength and placement

Having a hot tub doesn’t just provide a way to relax and de-stress. The heat can relieve muscle and joint pain. Soaking in warm water also improves circulation, resulting in better skin, tissue, and heart health. 

As a leading spa builder in Sydney, we can build a custom-built in-ground spa for your home from a wide range of materials, including, but far from limited to: 

  • Fibreglass – A popular option that requires very little maintenance
  • Concrete – Stands the test of time but requires regular maintenance to prevent the growth of fungi and undesirable microorganisms
  • Vinyl –Affordable—pays for itself within a decade—but requires frequent repair 
  • Our experienced team is happy to help you select the right material for your budget and expectations.

All in-ground spa pools need council approval. Portable pools and spas, on the other hand, don’t always require one. We’ll make sure your new spa meets all current legal requirements and help with the council approval, if necessary, to boot. 

Custom spa installation in Sydney is far more affordable than you’d expect. Prices vary widely depending on design, materials, and more. We build quality spas at competitive prices. Fill out the form below for a free consultation to find out how little yours will cost!

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