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Solar Heating

Solar Heating is now installed in more than 60 percent of pool renovations. The hard panel construction screwed to the roof makes it quick and easy to install and mostly cockatoo and bird proof. With rapid technical advances this is the most cost effective way of heating a pool.

Rubber Matting

On some roofs rubber matting is still the only option. Flat panel solar requires a minimum flat roof surface area to install. On a typical 8x4m pool a flat roof area of about 28m2 is required. Failing that being available we need to use rubber matting. The rubber matting can be installed to either odd shaped flat roofs (solar requires a square or rectangular shape) or to roofs that may have a curve to them. Mr Pools has been customising these types of installs for many years.


Mr Pools


Cockatoos pose a threat to the rubber matting used in many types of pool heating. Over the years Mr Pools has developed techniques to either prevent or deter this threat.

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