How Long Does It Take to Build a Pool from Start to Finish?

Building a pool is a significant investment that enhances the value and appearance of your residential property. Apart from the money you’ll invest in the project, it also takes time to install a pool. The type of pool you’re installing, the local requirements of your council, as well as the interference of weather and the intricacy of any landscaping and finishing work all factor into the time it takes to complete a swimming pool installation.

What Are the Stages of Building a Swimming Pool?

Building a swimming pool involves several steps that can take between 16-20 weeks to complete from start to finish. The primary stages include:

  •         Pre-Construction
  •         The Approval Process
  •         Pool Construction Process
  •         Finishing Process

Pre-Construction Stage – 1 to 4 Weeks

Swimming pool installation will always begin with a consultation. Many Sydney area pool companies, such as Mr Pools, will offer free 15-minute consultations to discuss your proposed project and advise on what direction to go.

Next comes the on-site property assessment. Your pool installation professional will evaluate your property, assessing the terrain, light direction, dimensions of the property, and any trees or structures they must consider in the design.

All applicable regulations, including Federal laws and those particular to NSW and the local Sydney government, will be considered during the design process, as will any underground utility service pipes or wires.

From there, the actual design of the swimming pool begins. The design includes technical and aesthetic considerations, and the swimming pool builder uses their skill with drafting and design to create the blueprints for the pool.

The Approval Process – 2 to 6 Weeks

Once you have approved the design and proposal and a contract is in place, the specifics of your swimming pool project go to the swimming pool engineer. It’s also time to prepare and present the plans to a Licensed Certifier or your local council for approvals. This is the most time-consuming element of the entire process and can take anywhere from two weeks to six weeks or more, depending on the dynamics in your local council.

Do You Need Council Approval for a Pool?

Every new swimming pool in NSW requires approval by a Licensed Certifier before construction begins. In some councils, a Development Application, or DA, must be approved by the council. Other engineering and documentation approvals you may need include:

  •         Landscape Plan
  •         Site Analysis Plan
  •         Statement of Environmental Effects
  •         Stormwater Management Plan
  •         A survey of the property

A swimming pool builder such as the experienced team at Mr Pools can prepare your documentation and present it to the council for approval. Once all approvals are in place, a swimming pool building supervisor meets with you and marks out the location of the swimming pool on your property.

Pool Construction Process – 4 to 8 Weeks

Physically building a pool begins with the excavation of the location. Soil and rock must be removed and hauled away from the site. During this process, safety fencing is also erected. In Australia, swimming pools are required to have security fencing surrounding them, but this temporary safety fencing may be simple chain link fencing.

Once the site is excavated, the construction of the pool base begins. This build stage may take 1 to 2 weeks and consists of laying the formwork and steel cage fixing throughout the pool floor and walls and installing the plumbing pipes, drainage lines, pump, and filter systems. The installers will also outline the stairs per the design.

The next stage is creating the surface of the pool. The interior of a swimming pool is concrete, sometimes called gunite. Gunite is sprayed concrete in dry-mixed form and typically has only fine particles in the mix, while standard concrete has large particles. Gunite is mixed at the hose’s nozzle during the application, whereas “shotcrete” is premixed. Both types are sprayed into the pool to create a smooth interior surface.

Gunite and shotcrete are applied to create a smooth, seamless surface within the pool. However, a more traditional concrete application is sometimes needed. In that case, the installers complete the base pool section and wall sections separately. The single application system is preferred because it decreases the likelihood of leaks and cracks developing.

Once the interior of the pool has been sprayed and smoothed, it must cure. The thicker the walls and base of the pool, the more durable it is. It will also take longer to cure, so the entire process takes a minimum of two weeks.

Once the gunite or shotcrete has completely cured, we waterproof the interior. The waterproofing used in your pool will depend on the water table level in the area and the amount of moisture in the soil. Ceramic, glass, tiles, and epoxy cement are examples of waterproofing systems used in pool construction.

The final construction step is coping. Coping is the narrow walling area around the pool’s edge, typically tile, stone, marble, or concrete. The coping must cure for two to three days after installation before you may fill the pool.

Finishing Process – 1 to 4 Weeks

Once the pool is completed and set, the surrounding construction and landscaping take place. This process includes:

  •         Installation of decking or other surrounding surfaces
  •         Landscaping, including grass-seeding or laying sod down
  •         Installation of permanent pool fencing
  •         Aesthetic landscaping, including flowers, shrubs, and trees

A general tip would be to begin looking for a swimming pool builder around June so that you can be to this first stage by August to swim by Christmas.

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