What Are Swimming Pool Ledges and Steps?

Once you decide to install an inground pool in your yard, the rest of the process might feel overwhelming. You must choose the type of pool, its shape, and the many features.

One of the essential characteristics of your pool is the way you enter and exit the water. If your design does not facilitate easy use, you’re less likely to enjoy your investment. You need a layout that works for you and your family, not one that you end up just putting up with using.

Here, we take the guesswork out of choosing pool steps for inground pools in Australia. We also describe beach entries and training lanes to be sure you realize the many options for your home water area.

Pool Steps

Pool stairs are the most common entry points for the shallow end of a pool. You can choose the size and shape of your stairway based on the configuration of your swimming pool. Most installations have three steps down to the pool’s floor.

Many people choose to extend the middle step along the edge of the pool. This extra space creates a place for kids to play in shallower water or for people to sit and relax while partially submerged.

We recommend that people install a non-slip tile on the edge of their swimming pool steps. Not only does this prevent injuries, but it also helps to differentiate the change in depth.

Pool Ledges

Ledges use the benefit on the extended middle step around the rest of the pool. These features are typically 500mm below the surface of the water. Even though most are between 400 and 600 mm, you can choose the best width for your space and intended uses.

Children who aren’t tall enough to stand in the rest of the pool appreciate comfortable places to use their toys or practice swimming. Adults and big kids enjoy the opportunity to relax in the refreshing water. Many people choose to have shade structures or umbrellas near their ledges for ultimate comfort.

Beach Entry

Beach entries make your swimming pool accessible for a wider variety of people while bringing the resort vibe to your backyard. An extended ledge creates a flat, ramp-like surface under the water. Children, the elderly, and differently-abled people appreciate the more relaxed entry into the water.

The beach entry also creates more areas for entertaining. Consider installation points for umbrellas or lounge chairs in the water. Plus, these pools have a high-end, luxury appearance that pushes your backyard to the next level.

Training Lane

Not everyone uses the swimming pool only for relaxing and games. Sometimes, you want the opportunity to work out and swim laps. Training lanes ensure that you can do tumble turns without hitting your head. As space allows, we aim to have a 2.5m wide lane with at least 1.4m of depth at each end.

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