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Life Hack: Build Your Own At-Home Resort and Save Money During the Kids’ School Holidays

After weeks of work or school, the holidays are a welcome break from day-to-day stresses. With the kids off from school, holidays are a perfect time for the family to reconnect and spend quality time together.

While many families are keen to travel to the beaches of Thailand or Bali for a perfect family getaway, building a swimming pool at home can make your ideal vacation only steps away. Why bother with all the expenses and logistics of travel when you can transform your backyard into a resort-quality oasis?

What You’ll Gain with Your Backyard Pool

If you’re not sure building a pool in your backyard is right for you, we’ve got more than a few reasons why a backyard swimming pool can improve your home and lifestyle.

Perfect for Getting Together and Parties

A great backyard pool will quickly attract the attention of your neighbours, friends, and children’s schoolmates. Your home will become the best venue for an afternoon BBQ, a neighbourhood party, or a birthday celebration. Moreover, your home will become the best destination for family holidays. Who doesn’t love a Christmas pool party?

Your Own Backyard Oasis

Having a swimming pool at home brings a new sense of calm and paradise to your backyard. If you add features like a waterfall or springs, you won’t even have to leave your house for the comforts of a resort vacation. Reading a book by the pool or relaxing in a pool floaty are the perfect ways to unwind in your new backyard oasis.

Save Money on Holidays and Family Outings

Of course, installing a pool will eliminate the need to get on a plane for your family’s vacation. What could be better than curating your perfect holidays in the backyard where your family is most comfortable? With your new pool, you’ll save money and time on holidays and focus on spending quality time with your family.

Keep the Family Together

Adding a pool to your backyard will encourage your kids to spend more time at home. Rather than leaving the house to play with friends, they’ll want to invite all their friends to play in their new backyard playground. That way, you can keep the family together and spend more time with your kids.

A New Workout Space

Many people struggle to get to the gym. Eliminate the hassle of travelling for your workouts by simply enjoying the free exercise your pool can provide.

Installing a lap pool is an excellent option if you want to exercise in your backyard. You don’t even need to swim laps to exercise, though. Try walking around the pool for a safe resistance workout that is especially great for anyone with knee or joint issues.

What You’ll Invest to Create Your Dream Backyard

While having a swimming pool at home sounds fun, you might be concerned about what this upgrade to your yard could cost. With a few simple tips, you can make sure not to break the bank when building your dream pool.

Money Savers When Building Your Dream Pool

The type of pool you decide to install will be a significant factor in determining the price. The shape and size of your design and any extra features you add will significantly change the cost of pool installation.

Above-ground pools are great for backyards with less space and families who want to spend less money. Since these above-ground water features are often smaller in size, they are much cheaper to install than concrete pools.

If you’re dreaming of a concrete pool built into the ground, you can still achieve the perfect space for your family without spending more than you want. Adjusting the size and depth of your pool is the best way to save money. You can also avoid extra costs by choosing not to install additional features like waterfalls, coloured lights, or pool jets.

Whether you’re hoping to make your backyard the perfect holiday destination or want to build your dream oasis, it’s possible to achieve your dream pool without exceeding your budget.

Installing Your Dream Pool with Mr Pools

Are you ready to change your backyard for the better? Installing a swimming pool at home is a pleasurable and easy experience with Mr Pools. Call 02 9746 3033 to learn about pool installation with Mr Pools today!

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