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How To Choose The Perfect Pool For Your Personality

Adding a pool to your home is a great way to transform your backyard into an outdoor oasis. Outdoor water features add dimension to landscaping and provide an excellent space for hosting family and friends on holidays or just for a casual afternoon BBQ. If you’re wondering how to complete your backyard, choosing a pool as a final touch is a great idea.

Installing a pool isn’t just as simple as digging a hole in your yard and filling it with water. There are various factors to consider, such as the pool’s shape and the type of pool you want to build. While these things may not seem to matter much, your pool’s size, shape, and design will play a huge role in determining its price.

You’re likely ready to accept the investment if you’ve decided to build a pool. In this case, what’s most important to consider is what your pool will say about your personality.

Choosing a pool isn’t just about price; it’s about personalisation and style. Pool installations executed without this key consideration can even detract from the personality of your yard and home.

Now that you’re ready to build your pool, learn what these four different pool designs will say about your personality to pick the best fit for you and your home.

Kidney Bean

Kidney bean pools are a popular shape if you’re looking for a less angular design or want to show off your more unique qualities. A pool with this shape might indicate that you have a fun personality, are adventurous, and are not afraid of taking a risk. It also adds an eye-catching, beautiful shape to the bird’s eye view of your home.

Choosing a pool shouldn’t just be about your personality, though. Ground pools should say something about the character of your home and backyard. A kidney bean shape might be great if you live in a nontraditional home or even have a contemporary design and are looking for a way to break up the home’s geometric features.

Kidney pools also give you great architecture for adding additional pool features like waterfalls and jets. Design your kidney pool around waterfalls and rock features to add an extra layer of intrigue and even mystery to your yard. Add a rock overhang to create a little cave where you can get some shade while staying in the water; your kids will love it too.

Infinity Edge

Infinity edge pools are great if you’re into the finer things in life.

Infinity edge pools will tell guests that you’re trendy, chic, and contemporary. These pools are often romanticised and viewed as sexy, making them perfect for a bachelor’s pad or a newlywed home. Show the world that you’ve got an edge by adding one of these sleek pools to your backyard.

Many pool owners love infinity pools because of what they can add to the character of a backyard. Due to their sleek design, they maintain the horizon of your view and can fit seamlessly into your yard. This chic pool perfectly fits any contemporary or modern home with minimalist features and geometric architecture.

Infinity pools are also a great option if your house is on a hill or has an ocean view. When the horizon provides splendour, you don’t want to detract from such beauty with any unnecessary obstructions. An infinity pool lets you have your dream yard while maintaining a breathtaking view.

Plunge Pool

Plunge pools are a safe, flexible option for homes with less backyard space. If you’re not sure whether a pool will fit in your yard, the plunge pool might be the perfect design.

Installing a plunge pool will tell people that you’re balanced, value space, and find pleasure in the little things. Considering the ways plunge pools fit into yards with less space, it also shows a desire to get the most out of life and a can-do spirit. This design could be the perfect accent for a quaint personality and private yard.

From a design perspective, plunge pools also offer a variety of options. You can construct them as squares or rectangles in various sizes and depths. You can also consider making your plunge into a fibreglass pool, which works well when your pool isn’t going to be huge.

Plunge pools are great for yards with more minimalist landscaping and smaller, more intimate spaces.

Concrete Pool

Finally, a concrete pool is the family pool. It tells people you value security, safety, and stability, and you’re not afraid to go the extra mile to get the best for your family. Because of their nearly permanent design, concrete pools demonstrate a value to commitment. The durability of concrete pools allows you to get creative with landscaping and other features surrounding your pool.

Concrete pools are ideal for large homes with sprawling backyards and the space to install a more significant water feature. The concrete pool will provide a new play space for your kids while also turning your backyard into an oasis, making them especially perfect for family homes.

While concrete pools are more challenging to install than fibreglass alternatives, they provide the opportunity for a greater accent through tiles and concrete patterns. Concrete pools also pair great with wood decks and lush landscaping, providing a more diverse material palate to your backyard’s design.

Choosing a Pool Design with Mr Pools

Understanding the pool design that will complete your dream backyard is only the first step. To finish your backyard with the perfect pool, you need the right team to help turn your dreams into a reality.

At Mr Pools, we understand that choosing a pool is more than just a random choice. Instead, it requires balancing your budget, wants, and needs.

Our expert designers and builders are here to provide you with high-quality service and all the information you need to build your dream pool. Call 02 9746 3033 to learn about pool installation with Mr Pools today!


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