5 Important Things To Plan Ahead When Building A Pool

So, you’ve decided to finally build a pool. No doubt you are excited and itching to get started. However, before breaking ground, there are several crucial details you need to consider. 

Planning ahead will make your pool maintenance and installation much easier to handle. Not having a plan also runs the risk of stumbling into expensive complications. So, the team at Mr Pools is here to talk about five essential things to plan ahead when building a pool. 

Determine Landscaping

Figuring out landscaping is the most crucial part of the pool building process. Proper landscaping ensures you have enough room for a ground swimming pool and don’t can avoid additional excavations. Depending on your home’s arrangement, you may need to modify your yard or fixtures to install a new pool. 

Additionally, pre-construction surveying ensures that your pool installation does not cross any existing utility and electrical lines. This is a hazard that is best evaded in the first place. You may have to perform costly modifications if you pick the wrong spot. 

Lastly, figuring out landscaping early ensures that your home and pool design cohere. If you don’t plan your lot layout properly, you may encounter problems excavating the ground for your pool. 

Concrete or Fibreglass?

Modern pools feature either concrete or fibreglass shells with vinyl lining. Your choice of materials will affect the timeframe of the process. For example, it will take significantly more time to pour and set a concrete shell than a fibreglass shell. Filling a concrete mould for your pool can take multiple weeks, while contractors can lay a fibreglass shell in just a few days. 

Concrete pools are also more expensive to install than fibreglass pools. The main advantages of concrete are its durability and customizability. A concrete inground pool can easily last over 50 years, and you can pour concrete to fit virtually any sizes and shapes you want. 

Fibreglass, in contrast, doesn’t last as long but is cheaper to install and maintain. Additionally, saltwater can degrade concrete liner, so fibreglass is a better pool shell option for saltwater pools. 

Time of Year

The time of year you build a pool is another critical consideration. As you might expect, demand for pool installation is at its highest during the spring and summer, so it might be harder to find a contractor who fits your build schedule. 

So, if you want to streamline the process as much as possible, consider scheduling construction in the early fall or the months right before spring. Building during the off-season means you’ll have to wait longer to use your pool, but you’ll get it done faster and won’t have to pay as much. 

Organising Contractors

Most of the time, building a pool requires several contractors doing distinct work, such as electricians, landscapers, concrete layers, and the pool installation team, to name a few. If you don’t plan out contractor coordination, you could run into significant problems during construction and installation. 

Careful planning with contractors prevents delays and conflicting construction projects. Also, having a contractor plan ensures efficiency, which saves you time and money in the long run. The last thing you want is scheduling conflicts interrupting construction. 

Council Restriction and Permits

Your pool construction timeline also depends on getting council approval for a new structure. Approval for new pool construction takes about four weeks, potentially up to six. If you build a detached structure like a pool without authorisation, you could have to pay up to $75,000 in fines. 

Fortunately, your contractor can handle the bulk of the council approval process for you. You’ll want to get council approval as soon as possible so you can start construction and stay on your timeline. 

Other Pool Building Tips to Consider

Below are some helpful tips to look out for as you build a pool. 

  • Landscaping elements like fountains, bushes, or sprinkler systems may require removal before you install your pool. Working with a landscaper can make modifications as efficient as possible. 
  • Don’t forget to factor ongoing maintenance costs into your budget. Maintenance costs for a pool include chemicals, cleaning costs, utilities (e.g., gas and electricity), water test kits, and equipment maintenance. 
  • Your yard conditions might limit construction or make installation more difficult. Things like rocky soil or excessively steep slopes will require specialised installation techniques. These atypical elements will cost extra to install. 
  • All pools should have safety considerations, such as fencing or pool covers. Other more advanced safety features include pool alarms and safety equipment. 
  • Only work with contractors that have proof of licensing and insurance. Working with illegitimate construction teams can cause several legal and financial problems. 
  • Many homeowners’ policies cover pools as a “scheduled structure,” so your existing insurance should cover any damages. You’ll need to call your insurance company so they can specifically add your pool to coverage. 

How Long Does Building a Pool Take?

It depends heavily on the type of pool and your landscaping situation. Generally speaking, concrete pools take longer to build than fibreglass pools, but both kinds of construction can suffer from poor contractor planning. It may also take a while to get council approval for your new installation. 

A professional pool contractor can help you iron out details on landscaping and installation. The team at Mr Pools will provide a detailed itinerary and keep you informed throughout the entire process. Our goal is to make pool construction and installation as simple as possible for homeowners in New South Wales.

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