Why You Should Build Your Pool Shell Before Building Your House

So, you’re planning your new house and considering putting in a pool. Before breaking ground on the new construction projects, you may want to consider building your pool shell first. Building your shell first can streamline the construction process and save you time and money. 

Today, the team at Mr Pools is here to talk about the benefits of preemptively building a pool shell. We will also discuss some tips for building your pool shell and house. If you are interested in hiring expert pool construction services, contact us today!

Advantages of Building Your Pool Shell Before Your House

Below are some of the most prominent benefits of constructing your pool shell before constructing your house. 

Cohesive Design

One of the best parts about building your ground pool shell before your house is that both will have a singular, consistent design. You can choose accents and finishes for each that match or make sure your outdoor lighting is as optimal as possible. 

Additionally, designing a home and pool simultaneously ensures that the overall layout and floor plan accommodate your pool and house. Changing your shell after building your house is much more challenging because you may not have as much design freedom. Also, if the materials you need are in high demand, they may be unavailable if you wait to build your pool shell.

Move-In Ready

Another good reason to build swimming pool shells first is that your property will be 100% ready when it’s time to move in. If you wait until later, you might be living in your new home while construction crews tear up your yard for pool installation. 

Building the pool shell first provides a ready-to-live-in property from day one. You can enjoy your fully functional pool on the first day you move in and won’t have to wait a few weeks for contractors to finish their work. 

Easier Logistics

From a logistics standpoint, it is much easier to build your pool first. Moving fibreglass pool shells to their installation location is difficult if your house lot is not clear. Additionally, construction crews might have difficulties fitting their excavation equipment in your yard if the house is already there.

Financial Simplicity

Building a pool before the house will most likely incur a higher upfront cost than just building your house, but it can also make finances a bit more straightforward. Many homeowners finance their pool through their first mortgage rather than taking out a separate home improvement loan. Keeping pool and house payments on the same mortgage simplifies your finances. 

Lower Costs

Last but not least, installing a pool shell and building your house simultaneously can save you money. You can use the same construction company to handle both jobs at once, which reduces construction overhead. It also makes connecting electrical and water systems at the same time easier, removing the need for further electrical work. 

Tips For Building Your Pool Before Your Home

Below are some tips to keep in mind when planning your pool and house construction. 

  • Plan the pool first. Establishing the pool design ensures that it doesn’t interfere with house plumbing or electrical wiring. 
  • Help landscapers and architects pick high-quality materials and finishes. Sharing designs between the two helps ensure your pool and home styles match. 
  • If you use two or more contractors for the project, make sure they have open communication channels with each other. Open communication prevents mix-ups with plumbers or electricians and streamlines the construction process. 
  • Hire a surveyor to establish the boundaries of the house and the pool. You won’t have either structure as a reference for construction, so getting a survey prevents unnecessary levelling and excavation.

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