8 Pool Furniture Trends of 2022

A stylish and well-maintained pool can serve as a stunning centrepiece for your outdoor space, but choosing the right pool furniture is essential. In this article, we’ll explore eight top pool furniture trends for 2022 to help you create the stylish and functional backyard oasis of your dreams.

1. Cohesive Seating Area

Because today’s modern homes tend to forgo dedicated backyard seating areas, it’s more important than ever to ensure you have seating that blends seamlessly with the pool and surrounding landscape. A straightforward way to do this is to choose a seating set that includes multiple pieces with a cohesive style. Often featuring clean, modern designs, these seating sets look great in any contemporary backyard and provide great places to spend time with family and friends.

While it’s always crucial to consider aesthetics, comfort should also be a consideration when choosing your seating. Your guests should have ample room to relax while enjoying their refreshments and the fine company you provide. Therefore, it’s crucial to choose seating that will last as long as possible. Fortunately, many durable options these days look stylish and are easy to maintain, ensuring you and your guests will be comfortable for years to come.

2. Integrated Temperature Control Systems

Spending time outdoors is rejuvenating, but dealing with the elements can get uncomfortable. Installing heaters or fans may help you feel more at ease, but they are sometimes cumbersome and can detract from the beauty of your pool and its surroundings. Considering integrated solutions to temperature control as you plan your new outdoor space can help ensure these systems provide the comfort you need without detracting from the aesthetic beauty of the area.

3. Oversized Ottomans and Sectionals

While lounge chairs are usually the standard, modern pool owners are looking for large, comfortable outdoor sectionals that create a luxurious lounging experience. An oversized ottoman is a suitable complement to a sectional couch and provides the ideal place to prop up your feet or rest a drink while you relax by the pool. Modern sectional sofas come in various styles, including modular pieces with removable components for easy storage and transport. Best of all, many sectional couches consist of weather-resistant materials that can remain outside year-round with minimal maintenance.

4. Outdoor Coffee Tables

Outdoor coffee tables offer an elegant way to entertain outdoors while providing convenient places to rest refreshments and snacks. A coffee table is a perfect way to showcase your favourite outdoor decorations while serving as a dining table when needed. It’s also a good idea to position the table safely away from the pool or other water features so your guests can easily reach the table while keeping their clothes dry.

5. Natural Materials

One of the hottest trends in outdoor furniture is the use of natural materials such as teak, cedar, and wicker to create organic furnishings that are both durable and aesthetically pleasing. In addition, these materials are naturally resistant to the elements and require minimal maintenance to ensure they retain their beauty.

Natural furniture pieces are ideal for outdoor spaces because homeowners can easily clean them with mild soap and water to maintain their beautiful appearance. Wicker furnishings are especially popular for outdoor use because they are lightweight, and visitors can quickly move them around as desired. One of the most significant advantages of natural pool furniture is that you can easily integrate it into existing surroundings to create a natural-looking outdoor area in harmony with your landscaping.

6. Neutral Colour Schemes

Another trend to keep in mind is the move towards more neutral colour schemes, which make outdoor areas feel spacious and inviting. Look for designs in soft greys and neutral beiges that will complement your existing décor and provide a neutral backdrop for the natural scenery in your yard. It is also important to choose lightweight and easily transportable furniture so that you can rearrange your outdoor seating area as needed to accommodate special events or groups of different sizes.

7. Sustainable Materials

In 2022, increasing numbers of homeowners are looking for ways to make their homes more environmentally friendly by selecting materials that manufacturers produce from recycled or sustainable sources. For example, side tables with recycled aluminium frames make excellent options for homeowners concerned about their furniture’s environmental impact.

Many pool furniture companies also use recycled plastic as a replacement material for wood in their pieces to reduce their ecological footprint. The results are lightweight and durable and can provide a distinctive visual style to your pool deck.

These features also make them an excellent choice for outdoor living areas exposed to harsh weather conditions, as they are more resistant to rain and sunlight than wood tables. If you want to create a sleek and stylish outdoor area where you can enjoy a cocktail with family and friends, pool furniture pieces made from recycled materials are an excellent option for creating a fashionable space that enhances your home’s exterior aesthetic and design.

8. String Lights

String lights are another popular option for adding a touch of elegance to your outdoor space. These versatile fixtures can create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your backyard, as they give off a soft glow that will help you and your guests relax after a long day at work. Additionally, they tastefully illuminate the space around your pool, improving visibility for aesthetics and safety. If you want to provide your pool deck with additional style and elegance, outdoor string lights are a great way to create a memorable ambience that will impress your guests.

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