The Benefits of Having a Swimming Pool in Your Backyard

Home swimming pools are an excellent addition to your home. No matter the size of your backyard, a swimming pool adds visual appeal and fun to the space. Here in Australia, a backyard swimming pool offers easy access to low-impact exercise, a place to cool off from the summer heat, and even adds value to your home and property when on the market.

Read on to learn more about the many benefits of having a swimming pool in your backyard.

Customise It!

When you install a backyard pool, the options for customising are almost limitless. You may approach the shape of the pool, its size, depth, and placement in your outdoor space with imagination during the design process. Adding lighting, tile designs, and water features are just some of the possibilities.

Many custom swimming pools are works of art. Their designs complement the terrain and landscaping of your backyard. You can be creative and imaginative with the design, turning your backyard into any place in the world with the addition of colours, textures, and accents from around the world.

Boosts Your Home Value

Any addition to your home or property is an investment in it, and installing a backyard pool is no exception. Installing a backyard swimming pool can dramatically raise the value of your home on the real estate market, attracting high-profile buyers to it. If you want to sell your home for a high asking price, an addition like a pool could be what seals the deal.

If your outdoor space is limited, your pool addition can function as an extension of your patio. For minimal space, a plunge pool allows you to add a pool to a very tight area and, coupled with the adjoining terrace, creates an intimate and inviting space that adds to your property’s appeal.

Visually, a patio-plus-pool area can function as an extension of your home’s interior design, unifying themes and colour schemes and providing ample space for outside seating areas, plants, and other decorative and artistic accents.

Promotes Good Physical and Mental Health

Swimming is, of course, an athletic activity, so adding a swimming pool in your backyard is like having a low-impact home gym. Low-impact exercise is crucial for anyone recovering from an injury or suffering from painful joints or stiff muscles. Thus, swimming allows you to work out longer and with less strain on the body than other types of workouts.

Spending time in the water is not only healthy for your body but your mind as well. Water has a calming, relaxing effect. Whether swimming or floating in the water or just enjoying the sun poolside, such activities can significantly reduce the stress hormone cortisol, easing anxiety and improving your mood.

A Place to Entertain and Enjoy

If you have a small backyard, the addition of a swimming pool provides a wonderful way for family and friends to gather and hang out. During hot summers, your kids and teens can enjoy spending time in and around the swimming pool. Pool parties and barbecues can keep your kids close and safe while allowing them to have fun with their friends.

Adults can benefit, too, enjoying the relaxation that evening pool parties and gatherings provide. With the addition of lighting, some themed elements, and colourful cocktails, your guests can enjoy an island oasis in your backyard.

Private and Convenient

A backyard swimming pool’s most significant advantage might be its location. You can open your back door, take a few steps, and be poolside.

Home swimming pools also have the advantage of being private. Whether you choose privacy fencing or the natural privacy of hedges or bushes, your backyard swimming pools can be a personal space for you and your family to enjoy each other and the relaxation and fun of the water.

Learn More About Professional Swimming Pool Installation

Now that you know the benefits of having a backyard swimming pool, the next step is finding a top professional swimming pool builder to help you get the job done.

A pool build company such as  Mr Pools can consult with you regarding your new swimming pool, helping you sort out the logistics of space, size, and design. We’re familiar with the legal aspects and can help you navigate the paperwork and secure the permissions needed to begin.

We take pride in delivering high-quality service to all our clients. Our goal is to help you create your water oasis, complete with a backyard swimming pool, water features, and more. Whether installing an indoor or outdoor pool, plunge pool, or spa, we use the best materials and deliver outstanding customer service for our clients.

For more information or to take advantage of our free 15-minute consultation, contact Mr Pools today at 02 9746 3033 or email us at

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