Why You Should Choose an Inground Concrete Swimming Pool

Whether you are looking to improve your property, create a spot for entertaining, or make your backyard a “staycation” destination, installing a concrete inground swimming pool is well worth considering. Not only are concrete inground pools an ideal, fun way to beat the Australian summer heat, but they also add real value to your home.

Is an inground concrete swimming pool the right choice for you? Here are some great reasons why installing a concrete pool in your backyard is a great idea.

1. Adds to Your Property Value

As a homeowner, your first consideration before the construction process begins is how this addition will affect your property’s value. Swimming pools, especially concrete inground swimming pools, are a solid investment in your home’s value.

An inground pool also adds buyer appeal should you ever wish to sell your home, making it more attractive and competitive among high-profile buyers. You have a higher chance of getting your asking price for your home with the addition of a quality concrete inground swimming pool.

An inground pool also adds visual appeal to your property. With a custom design and the addition of surround pool features such as retaining walls, decorative privacy fencing, and landscaping, the aesthetic value of your home increases.

2. Adaptability to All Climates

While geology can affect where you place your pool, the climate of the area rarely does. Concrete inground pools are seldom affected by the weather and temperature of a location, so whether the climate is temperate or humid, your swimming pool builder can install a custom pool to suit your property’s design and needs.

Correct maintenance of your concrete swimming pool during the coldest months will prevent cracks and breaks in the pool structure. During hot months, your pool will be a welcome space to cool off and enjoy the outdoors.

3. Durability

Concrete is a strong mixture of water, particulate stones, and cement and forms a solid structure once set. Concrete inground pools are durable and resistant to impact damage that would destroy many vinyl and plastic pools.

Concrete is also a long-lasting material, and while the initial cost can be high depending on the design, the long-term costs for maintenance and repair are lower. You can quickly mend cracks and holes in the concrete surrounding with concrete pool repair materials such as concrete and masonry sealant and pool patch.

More severe cracks below the waterline are also easily repaired, either by you or by calling your professional swimming pool builder.

4. Flexibility

Depending on the size of your backyard and any structures there, you may customise your pool design in various ways.

The design of your pool may range from a standard oval or rectangle pool to innovative designs that utilise the backyard space in artistic ways. Concrete inground pools can also feature additional elements, including:

  •         A plunge pool
  •         A hot tub or whirlpool
  •         A waterfall or spray feature

The space your pool occupies can vary, too. You may want a small pool that leaves a part of your yard for landscaping and other structures such as a patio or deck. If a larger pool is desired, you can make it the focal point of the entire yard and minimise your need to cut the grass regularly.

Concrete inground pools can vary in depth as well. If your family enjoys diving and water slides, a deeper pool will be necessary to prevent severe injuries. For families with swimmers in different stages of learning, a pool with graduated depth is ideal, providing a shallow end and a deep end for everyone’s comfort and enjoyment.

The Importance of a Professional Pool Builder

Installing a concrete swimming pool is an ideal finishing touch to your home, adding value and aesthetic appeal while providing your family with the perfect water oasis for play, exercise, and relaxation. If you want to install a concrete inground pool in your backyard, consulting with a professional swimming pool builder is essential.

A top pool builder like the experts at Mr Pools can assist you with the planning and design of your pool. Whether it is a standard or customised pool, our builders will bring their knowledge and skill to bear as they help you customise your space. An experienced swimming pool builder will also know all the necessary permissions and permits you need to install a pool and can help you secure them.

Have Questions? Contact Mr Pools Today

Mr Pools is committed to delivering our customers the highest-quality concrete inground pools, as well as fulfilling all custom-built pool needs, indoors and outdoors. Our experienced pool builders guarantee quality, award-winning results with every project we undertake.

If you’re ready to have your pool installed or would like more information about our built-in pools and spas, call Mr Pools today at 02 9746 3033 or email us at sales@mrpools.com.au.

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