5 Tips to Consider When Designing Your Pool

If you’re considering installing a residential swimming pool, you’re in good company. Swimming pools grace millions of Australian homes already, and for good reason. Pool ownership delivers many benefits, including aesthetic appeal, a place to relax, and increased home value. Here at Mr Pools of Sydney, we serve as your premier source for pool design, construction, repair, and maintenance. We

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How Long Does It Take to Build a Pool from Start to Finish?

Building a pool is a significant investment that enhances the value and appearance of your residential property. Apart from the money you’ll invest in the project, it also takes time to install a pool. The type of pool you’re installing, the local requirements of your council, as well as the interference of weather and the intricacy of any landscaping and

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Different Types of Swimming Pool Fences

If you have a swimming pool in your backyard, it is essential to research swimming pool fences. Standards and regulations in NSW and throughout Australia require pool fencing around your swimming pool and are specific about the types of pool fencing and requirements you must follow. A professional swimming pool builder like Mr Pools understands the regulations and requirements and

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The Benefits of Having a Swimming Pool in Your Backyard

Home swimming pools are an excellent addition to your home. No matter the size of your backyard, a swimming pool adds visual appeal and fun to the space. Here in Australia, a backyard swimming pool offers easy access to low-impact exercise, a place to cool off from the summer heat, and even adds value to your home and property when

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Why You Should Choose an Inground Concrete Swimming Pool

Whether you are looking to improve your property, create a spot for entertaining, or make your backyard a “staycation” destination, installing a concrete inground swimming pool is well worth considering. Not only are concrete inground pools an ideal, fun way to beat the Australian summer heat, but they also add real value to your home. Is an inground concrete swimming

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